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“Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”                        - Howard Thurman -


Several years ago, I was so touched by this quote by Howard Thurman, that my life changed tracks. I was inspired to design this full day training to support others to get their lives back on track or at least to step up a gear. I've been improving and offering it since.

So what makes YOU 'Come Alive'?


Unsure?... Most of us don't quite know; how to thrive in life, to be the person we want to be and live the life we wish to live.

And even if we did know, how do we actually go about it?


This experiential and interactive training answers these questions: to support you in moving from a life of struggling to survive into one in which you come alive and thrive.


We weave together several practices from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and other modalities, which have been the most transformative for me and hundreds of others I’ve shared them with. They include individual and group processes, games, exercises and body/gesture based activities to explore the following:

  • Discovering, clarifying or re-aligning yourself with your life purpose

  • Cultivating self -care, -connection and -love

  • Overcoming indecisiveness to bring internal clarity

  • Developing an attitude of gratitude - expressing and receiving appreciation

  • Self-inquiry and putting reflection into action

  • Finding inner freedom by embracing our choice in all we do


This training is beyond the NVC basics, some knowledge of which is helpful but not necessary.

Previous Participants:


"You brought NVC to me and it was nothing short of saving my life" 

- Yaga Sendur - 

"If you're looking to further deepen the way you relate to others (and to yourself), bringing in empathy and effective communication skills, I'd strongly encourage you to attend this.

I have attended Donal's workshops before and always felt deeply nourished by all the learning and the community spirit within the group" 

- Oana Ní o'Mara - 


"I want to tell you how much it is still spreading in my life and how valuable your teaching is.

I also get that NVC is a training throughout all of our lives…. And how incredible it is to me that you managed to share so much in such a little amount of time"

- Leina - 

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