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There are no dates or details for these set. This page gives an indication of how future events could look. Many of the details are likely to change, including the team, activities offered, days, times, prices etc.

If you are interested please contact us, so we are more likely to offer more of these standalone week-long ‘Community Immersion Retreats’.


Each could start on a Wednesday afternoon and finish the following Tuesday with lunch.

Experience living in a supportive community, embedded in a stunning natural setting whilst learning relational and transformative skills.

A time to reconnect with yourself, with nature and reawaken your innate state of being in community.

We live, play, learn and work together.

We will co-create a nurturing and heart warming environment to support each of us on our personal journey.

The main facilitation and hosting team will gather from various parts of Europe, to offer you a diverse and comprehensive experience of living in community, deepening connection and holistic wellness. Donal will be joined by various local and international facilitators.

We will invite the group to choose from our menu of fun, experiential and transformative workshops, including:

~ Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
~ Permaculture 
~ Conscious Connection
~ Art Therapy, Crafts and Creative Expression
~ ReVisioning our Culture
~ Group Resilience Skills
~ Singing Circle, Kirtan

~ Sitting and Dynamic Meditations
~ Ecstatic Dance
~ Kaleidoscope Community Yoga
~ Gender Groups
~ Ritual Play
~ Contact Improvisation
~ Dreamwork

~ Cooperative Games
~ Relationships: How to Survive and Thrive
~ Yin and Hatha Yoga
~ Breathwork
~ Spoon Carving
~ Primal Play / Fun Fitness
~ And much much more….

Since these are all options, we will still ensure plenty of time for rest, self-connection, empathy buddy walks, inquiry dyads, massage, treatments, hikes, sightseeing, trips to local communities, sauna, hot tub, movies, rituals, support circles and any offerings from the group.


Proposed Program


All activities are optional - do as much or as little as feels good for you.

You will have the option to join a session in which we learn Open Space Technology and a simple but effective group decision making process. We then use these to either co-create a new schedule or adjust this one to better serve the group.

We expect each week to flow like a wave: starting slow before the energy and intensity rise to the weekend, then shifting into integration and resolution as we move to transition on Tuesday. We will encourage this peak on Saturday by opening up our space to the public (our centre is surrounded by a uniquely alternative, international and conscious community). We’ll invite them to join us for our afternoon workshop and evening program, which could be a pot luck dinner or Cacao ceremony, followed by ecstatic dance party, connection activities, games, singing, sauna, cuddles and whatever magic blossoms from the merging of our smaller circle with the wider community.

Opening Day



15:00 Meet & Greet / New arrivals settle into bedroom, each other and the land

17:00 Guided Walk around venue

18:30 Dinner

19:30 Group Evening Session
Connection Activities / Cooperative Games / Setting Intentions / Dance

Full Days



7:00 Awakening with Sunrise 
Silent Meditation / Hill Walk or Run

8:00 Mindful Morning Practice
Hatha Yoga / Singing / Guided Sitting or Dynamic Meditation

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Community Gathering

11:00 Karma Yoga / Free Time for ‘Deep Retreats’
Gardening / Preparing Meals / House Care / Harvesting Fruits and Nuts

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Free Time
Rest / Self-Connection / Empathy Buddy Walk / Inquiry Dyads / Treatments

16:00 Facilitated Group Session or Activity
Workshop / Hike / Community or Sightseeing Trip

18:00 Resolving and Reconnecting to self with the Setting Sun
Silent Meditation / Hill Walk or Run

18:30 Dinner

19:30 Harvesting and Celebrating the Day

20:00 Evening Activity
Community Offerings / Group Games / Connection Activities / Singing / Sauna / Hot tub / Massage / Dance / Movie / Rituals / Support Circles

Closing Day



7:00 Awakening with Sunrise 
Silent Meditation / Hill Walk or Run

8:00 Morning Mindful Practice
Hatha Yoga / Singing / Guided Sitting or Dynamic Meditation

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Community Gathering

10:30 Karma Yoga / Free Time for ‘Deep Retreats’

12:00 Closing Sharings, Celebration and Ritual

13:00 Lunch

Financial Contribution:


For the ‘Deep Immersion’ between €300 - €600 per week.


For the ‘Deep Retreat’ between €450 - €750 per week.


The prices listed cover: 

- All group activities and workshops

- Accommodation and living expenses

- 3 home-cooked meals each day and refreshments in between

- Use of sauna, hot tub, swimming pools, and ‘the Sanctuary’ for massages and treatments

- Other expenses, eg venue costs, administration, team travel expenses, workshop materials, taxes etc...


We recognise that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others and we want to make these programs available to everyone who would benefit from them, regardless of income. We balance this with the need to support ourselves financially.  So the requested fees are on a sliding scale, within which, we request you to contribute as generously as you are able


To help you decide, here are some considerations: 

(Prices below are for the ‘Deep Immersion’.  For the ‘Deep Retreat’, add €150  to each)  


€300   ‘Community Supported Price’

For those with low to moderate available expenditure 

(e.g. if one or more of these: * unemployed * student * supporting a large family * living in Southern or Eastern Europe) 


€450 ‘Sustainable Price’ 

For those with moderate to comfortable available expenditure 

(e.g. if one or more of these: * part time job * minimum-waged * combination of above and below)


€600    ‘Community Supporter Price’ 

For those with comfortable to high available expenditure 

(e.g. if one or more of these: * full time job * living in Northern or Western Europe * able to afford luxuries like eating out regularly or taking a foreign holiday each year) 


If you can afford and choose to pay at the upper end of the scale (or above), it makes participation possible for people who otherwise would not be able to join these life changing retreats.


We do our best to practice what we preach in all aspects of this transformational work, thus these are requests and not demands and we are open to dialogue. So, If you can’t afford to pay within the scale, please contact us and we will try to work something out.


Limited number of places on each retreat, so a deposit of €100 is required to reserve yours.


Limited number of single rooms available for an extra €150 per week.


Additional one-on-one sessions, treatments, massages

For your first week with us, the price listed does not include these. The prices depend on the therapist / practitioner and duration of session. 

For subsequent weeks, we offer you one free session or treatment as a gift.

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