Experience living in a supportive community, embedded in a stunning natural setting whilst learning relational and transformative skills.

Starting Wednesday, 12th February until 31st March, we will offer 7 standalone week-long ‘Community Immersion Retreats’. Each starts on a Wednesday afternoon and finishes the following Tuesday with lunch.

A time to reconnect with yourself, with nature and reawaken your innate state of being in community.

We live, play, learn and work together.

We will co-create a nurturing and heart warming environment to support each of us on our personal journey.

The main facilitation and hosting team will gather from various parts of Europe, to offer you a diverse and comprehensive experience of living in community, deepening connection and holistic wellness. We are Jocelyn Ames (UK), Donal Gannon (Ireland), Christine Lutz (Germany) and Jewels Toro (Spain), and we will be joined by various local and international facilitators. More about our team below.

To find out more, like info about our team and what we’ll offer, and how to register, check out our webpage here 

We will invite the group to choose from our menu of fun, experiential and transformative workshops, including:

~ Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
~ Permaculture 
~ Conscious Connection
~ Art Therapy, Crafts and Creative Expression
~ ReVisioning our Culture
~ Group Resilience Skills
~ Singing Circle, Kirtan

~ Sitting and Dynamic Meditations
~ Ecstatic Dance
~ Kaleidoscope Community Yoga
~ Gender Groups
~ Ritual Play
~ Wim Hof Method
~ Contact Improvisation
~ Dreamwork

~ Cooperative Games
~ Relationships: How to Survive and Thrive
~ Yin and Hatha Yoga
~ Breathwork
~ High Vibe Cooking Skills
~ Spoon Carving
~ Primal Play / Fun Fitness
~ And much much more….

Since these are all options, we will still ensure plenty of time for rest, self-connection, empathy buddy walks, inquiry dyads, massage, treatments, hikes, sightseeing, trips to local communities, sauna, hot tub, movies, rituals, support circles and any offerings from the group.

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