We will explore several options for responding to conflict and interpersonal tension (in particular focusing on Restorative Circles). Each aims to restore peace, harmony, and goodwill and to support transformation and learning following a conflict. The practices range from least to most human resources (time, people, energy, attention, etc) required:

* Self- Connection

* Empathic listening from another not directly involved

* Conscious conversation between the people experiencing tension or conflict 

* Supported dialogue - a third party contributes their presence as needed to support reconciliation, from silent witnessing to active facilitation (mediation) 

* Restorative Circle - a process developed by Dominic Barter for when a conflict has more intensity or relevance for multiple people. We bring together the three parties to a conflict – those who have acted, those directly impacted and the wider community – to dialogue as equals. They have 3 stages: identifying the key factors in the conflict, reaching agreements on next steps, and evaluating the results. They invite shared power, mutual understanding, effective action and self-responsibility.  More info about this process here

No previous experience required. 

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