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Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting or watched in dismay as a group collapses into conflict?

Interested in learning the key facilitation skills for meetings and group decision-making?

If you work with groups that struggle to make decisions or collaborate effectively, this training is for you. 

Convergent Facilitation is a unique decision-making process developed by Dr. Miki Kashtan based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It taps into a group’s shared purpose and leads to decisions that everyone truly supports – without sacrificing productivity, efficiency, and forward momentum.

The method is versatile: use it for fast emergency response, breaking through bottlenecks, or collaboration throughout the life cycle of a long-term project or complex dispute. It gives you tools to address power differences so everyone at the table can speak frankly about what really matters to them. 

What you can take away:


  • A practical, step-by-step process for discovering breakthrough solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable

  • A strategy that helps people transcend conflicts, stretch beyond their initial positions, and embrace a decision that attends to everyone’s needs

  • Many ways to keep a meeting moving forward without leaving anyone behind.

  • Facilitation competencies such as: Framing, Reflecting and reframing, Transparency, Interrupting, Tracking, and Navigating transitions.


This process lays the cornerstones of a productive meeting:


  • Building enough trust in the room for people to voice their real concerns

  • Transforming disagreement about positions into agreement about principles, so the group can focus on problem-solving together

  • Attending to everyone’s needs and concerns, which gives people room to stretch, shift, adapt, and even advocate for others


  • Encouraging honesty while crafting agreements, so no one says they’re willing to compromise and then sabotages the decision later.


Convergent Facilitation generates decisions that stick because they have everyone’s wholehearted support. It works for quick emergency response, long-term team projects, ad-hoc task forces, and even highly polarized groups


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To find out more, visit the site or watch this short video, in which Miki outlines the process between 0:50 and 2:40.

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