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I use several processes depending on the group and its particular needs. I am most excited to offer Convergent Facilitation, a process which has been developing since 2004 by Miki Kashtan, of the Center for Efficient Collaboration and BayNVC.


This process lays the cornerstones of a productive meeting:


  • Building enough trust in the room for people to voice their real concerns                                                                                                   

  • Transforming disagreement about positions into agreement about principles, so the group can focus on problem-solving together                      

  • Attending to everyone’s needs and concerns, which gives people room to stretch, shift, adapt, and even advocate for others                                      

  • Encouraging honesty while crafting agreements, so no one says they’re willing to compromise and then sabotages the decision later.


Convergent Facilitation generates decisions that stick because they have everyone’s wholehearted support. It works for quick emergency response, long-term team projects, ad-hoc task forces, and even highly polarized groups


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To find out more, visit the site or watch this short video, in which Miki outlines the process between 0:50 and 2:40.

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