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Support the healthy functioning of any group; whether its a team, community, organisation or even your family!


Based on principles and practices of Convergent Facilitation (Centre for Efficient Collaboration), Sociocracy (Dynamic Governance) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

A little theoretical, but mostly practical exploration of the following:

    > Making clear and effective requests in groups

    > Power dynamics

    > Building trust in groups

    > Different types of meetings (operational, policy, stand up) and how to run them

    > Intro to a variety of decision making strategies, from informal to highly sophisticated

    > Various forms of leadership

    > Facilitation competencies such as: Framing, Reflecting and Reframing, Transparency, Interrupting, Tracking and Navigating transitions. 

"Donal was a shining gift bringing empathy and understanding to our hearts.

His work was with an emphasis on empowering us as a community to learn the skills to resolve issues among ourselves- great- that he not only provides us with fish but also teaches how to fish.

In community, to have support from the outside can be amazing and transformative

- Nicola Watling,  8th Life Ecovillage, La Palma -


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