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Think about a group you are part of - an organisation, a team, an online group, your family…


Can you imagine how wonderful it could be if you had more enjoyable and effective ways of communicating, making decisions, resolving conflicts, giving and receiving feedback? 


…if you were all deeply connected to shared purpose and values… and things moved forward rather than around in circles?


…if all voices were valued and resources and power were distributed consciously?


…if the group was a source of inspiration and well being, rather than a drain of your time and energy?


I can help you find the way.


This interactive training day draws together the essential principles and practices from the modalities I’ve found most valuable in my 20 years of research, in particular: Sociocracy (Dynamic Governance), Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Convergent Facilitation (Centre for Efficient Collaboration)


We will learn about: 

  • The 9 elements of effective group functioning

  • Power dynamics and leadership

  • Building trust in groups

  • Different types of meetings and how to run them

  • A variety of decision making strategies, from informal to highly sophisticated

  • Making clear and effective requests in groups

  • And many other process and facilitation skills, in particular: Framing, Reflecting and Reframing, Transparency, Interrupting, Tracking and Navigating transitions.

Previous Participants:


"I took a lot from these workshops and I was particularly impressed with the meta level of group dynamics that you brought to the table (eg. analyzing group dynamics while these are happening within the group) and how you gave space for group dynamics to unfold so we could all learn from it" 

- Gustavo Vidal - 

"Donal was a shining gift bringing empathy and understanding to our hearts.

His work was with an emphasis on empowering us as a community to learn the skills to resolve issues among ourselves- great- that he not only provides us with fish but also teaches how to fish.

In community, to have support from the outside can be amazing and transformative

- Nicola Watling, -


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