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​I visit your group, community or organization and listen for as long as needed.

Together we decide how I can help you move forward.

  • Co-creating a Dynamic Governance structure using Sociocracy

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Team building and group connection activities

  • Visioning and preparing constitutions, agreements, vision statements

In each case, I can do the facilitation myself or I can support your group in developing the systems and learning the facilitation skills to do so without me.

If there is tension and conflict present, I usually facilitate reconciliation and restoration first. Then we can be more clear and focused to learn the skills to do so in future without me.

Previous Client:



“A last minute organization taking the advantage of the presence of the Nonviolent Communication Trainer Donal Gannon.


I advertise only "products" that I test on my skin and his work is an amazing tool to transform conflicts in a productive learning experience"

 - L.B -

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