​I visit your group, community or organization and listen for as long as needed.

Together we decide how I can help you move forward.

  • Co-creating a Dynamic Governance structure using Sociocracy

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Team building and group connection activities

  • Visioning and preparing constitutions, agreements, vision statements

In each case, I can do the facilitation myself or I can support your group in developing the systems and learning the facilitation skills to do so without me.

If there is tension and conflict present, I usually facilitate reconciliation and restoration first. Then we can be more clear and focused to learn the skills to do so in future without me.

“I feel thankful and even blessed that Donal showed up in the community where I live to throw NVC and Restorative Circles as an anchor for all of us. I admire his professionalism and his commitment to be in service for human transformation as a mission driven by his heart. I realized how much he’s been successful in working on himself reaching the point of being able to hold a space to facilitate processes for others and transmit the knowledge for others to heal themselves by themselves and with the support of the community. I take Donal as an example of somebody who is manifesting with his own life and path the change we all want to see in this world. He is a good inspiration for me to use NVC tools in a daily life as well as considering a new perspective of conflict as an opportunity to grow and develop as a better human being. Thank you Donal, keep going!!!”

 - Loredana Bee, Communidade 108, Portugal -