A series of trainings to support you and your group or community (which could be a family, workplace, intimate relationship…) to find ways to meet eye to eye and heart to heart, to bridge the gap and weather the storm and come out stronger and more connected than before.


Can include:

Communicate to Connect


Essentials of Group Process, Decision Making and Facilitation

Conflict Transformation

Convergent Facilitation Efficient, Collaborative Decision Making

Click on titles for description of each.

"Donal was a shining gift bringing empathy and understanding to our hearts.

His work was with an emphasis on empowering us as a community to learn the skills to resolve issues among ourselves- great- that he not only provides us with fish but also teaches how to fish.

In community, to have support from the outside can be amazing and transformative

- Nicola Watling,  8th Life Ecovillage, La Palma -

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