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Struggling with the reactive patterns of others?... or yourself?


Getting lost in the 'Blame Game' and distracted or disconnected due to judgement and criticism, even perfectionism? 


Suffering at the hands of anger, or any of its different flavours: from irritation, frustration, annoyance, resentment, right through to rage?


Or want to know how to support others caught in their grips?


This experiential and interactive training offers skills, practical tools and insights to explore ways to transform these challenging patterns and emotions.


We offer individual and group processes, games, role plays, exercises, meditations and body/gesture based activities to explore how to:

  • Bring consciousness and clarity about our own and other people's reactivity and anger

  • Take responsibility for them as a way to empower yourself

  • Use our judgmental, blaming, critical thinking for our transformation

  • Use the healing power of empathy, when listening to others and in self-connection


As well as diving into the life-changing processes of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), there will be opportunity to utilise several other transformative modalities, for example: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Somatics, Internal Family Systems (IFS), The Work of Byron Katie and Brene Brown.


Prior attendance of ‘Communicate to Connect’ and/or ‘Empathy Essentials' is supportive but not necessary.  

Previous Participants:


“Donal's simple clear facilitation, where he was comfortable, connected and tuned in to himself, as well as us contributed hugely to my experience. His very obvious experience in living what he teaches was the other great contributor”,

- L. M -

"The ripples from your work will certainly be felt and are much needed in our world today"

- D.N. - 


"It was a beautiful weekend, profound and playful and nourishing"

- C. F.-

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