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The following websites are those that have been useful for me while learning and sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and similar practices. The list has a loose progression - beginning with sites with an international focus and moving into those based locally - from America through Europe and finally Australasia.   

Global NVC info: Dr Marshall Rosenberg and all Certified CNVC Trainers


Phone: +1.505-244-4041

Puddledancer Press publisher of books on Nonviolent

Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and others.

The NVC Academy offering wide variety of telecourses.

Extensive collection of NVC resources, by Ian Peatey or

Gentle Space for Requesting Empathy

Source for GROK cards and products useable at any age!

Information on 'The NVC Dance Floors' , a method for learning, practicing and teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC), co-created by Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie.

Re-evaluation Counseling

Designed to link people in UK practicing and learning NVC, includes free resources and social networking

An international network of coaches and consultants specialising in collaborative and creative approaches to transformation

Professional and Personal Development with Elizabeth English



Open Space Technology and related:

Email Forums


To get started, visit:


Enter the name of the group you want to join and enter.

Then click on the small ‘Join this group’ written on the left, and follow the instructions. If you don't have a Yahoo ID you will have to join yahoo first- click the ‘Sign up for Yahoo’ button


For example: Synergy Communication: click here

Learn, use, and practice NVC. Enhance communication, mediation, and win/win dispute-resolution skills.


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