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Communication Matters!

Welcome to a transformative experience that promises to deepen your understanding of communication and elevate your interpersonal skills.


These weekends offers a profound exploration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication, providing valuable tools to enhance connection and understanding in your personal and professional relationships.

These 2 particular training days are so fundamental for healthy relating, and have been so well received during the last 10 years, that we decided to bring them on tour.


Saturdays are dedicated to "Communicate to Connect," where we delve into the principles and practices of NVC, unlocking the power of language to cultivate compassion and clarity.


Sundays dive into "Empathy Magic ~ The Art of Effective Listening," a journey into the lost art of listening, offering practical techniques and insightful discussions to become a skilled listener.


Through a blend of insights, interactive exercises, group processes, and meditations, these trainings offer a refreshing perspective on communication, improved relationships, and the magic of self-connection, honesty and empathy that can positively transform your life.


Each training, we learn and practice together, so we can then apply it in our lives and share with others.

Join us on this enriching experience, and equip yourself with the skills to communicate more authentically and connect more deeply with those around you.

Tradução em Português disponível: mediante solicitação. Se tiver dificuldades em entender o texto em inglês, por favor informe-nos.

Tour Schedule

Throughout February 2024,
we'll bring these 2 foundational full day NVC trainings
on tour across the Algarve and South Alentejo

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as a Language of Life


The Art of Effective Listening

3rd & 4th February: Tavira
10th & 11th: Lagos
17th & 18th: Sao Luis

Join as many days as you like

(either day, a full weekend... the whole tour!)

All: 10.00 - 17.30

Click the images below for descriptions


para Português disponível

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Lead trainer Donal Gannon, certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), brings over 20 years experience facilitating groups

Previous Participant:

"These two days spent with Donal and the group were life affirming, enjoyable and enlightening.


Donal is an expert facilitator who covers a lot of material in a very short time, but through a variety of methods manages to keep the group engaged throughout. I learnt a lot about my modes of engagement/communication both with myself and others and look forward to being more mindful and effective as a communicator as a result.

Donal manages to deliver intensive material in an understandable and embodied manner. 


I learned so much about modes of communication (both internal and with others) that I feel will be of value moving forward. Highly recommend the trainings if you have any interest in how you interact with yourself and others."

- Anne Scallan -


Donal will be assisted by a team of inspiring and loving leaders,

each bringing a unique skillset and experience.

They will each be available to support you for all or some of the trainings. 

Profile pic.jpg

Donal Gannon

Certified Trainer,

Consultant, Coach


Marina Cervelati

Community Co-Creator,

Mama Bear


Silja Silbuch

Authentic Relating Facilitator,


Nadine Helm_bio photo.jpg

Nadine Helm

Certified NVC Trainer,

Empathy Coach

ana pic.jpg

Anita Correia

Communication Specialist,

Empathy Angel


Pawel Kuklik

Communication Coach, Empathy Guide

Training Content


Each training is standalone and independent of the others, so there are no overlaps or succession of content. At the same time, the natural accumulation of related skills means attending more trainings brings even more benefit.


No previous training experience required. 

We bring the most essential principles and practices together, making it accessible and useful for everyone. The life skills we’ve always needed, but never received.

We balance teaching, practicing and facilitating individual and group processes, games, role plays, exercises, meditations and body/gesture based activities.

So, expect insights and heart opening; lots of fun and laughter; maybe tears and surfaced fears; building new friendships, community and supportive network.  And all within a sweet, safe and cosy group field, so we feel held and cared for along our transformative journey.

Financial Contribution

We truly want to make these trainings available to everyone who would benefit, regardless of access to money. 


We balance this with the need to sustain ourselves financially and to take care of the amount of resource (including time and attention) our team invests in supporting individuals.


So, these payment options invite the wider network to share the responsibility in giving access to those with less financial abundance.


We offer three prices (per day of training) to choose from depending on your available finances and enthusiasm for this intention:

  •  Supported 60€ 

  •  Standard 75€

  •  Supporter 95€

If you can afford and choose to pay at the 'Supporter' price, it allows us to welcome more people to attend while contributing less.​

We do our best to practice what we preach in all aspects of this work, so, true to NVC, these are requests and not demands, thus we are open to dialogue. So, If you can’t afford to pay within this range, please contact us and we will try to work something out.

There are suggestions for how to choose prices and other answers to commonly asked questions here

Venue Locations

3rd & 4th: Tavira 
Escola do Malhão, Santo Estevão, 10 minutes West of Tavira, East Algarve

10th & 11th: Lagos 
U Vale D'Achada, Mexilhoiera Grande, 15 minutes North East of Lagos

17th & 18th: Sao Luis
A Quinta de Lage, 9 minutes South of Sao Luis, South Alentejo
Answers to commonly asked questions here

Stay Connected in South Portugal

In January, we’ll offer a series of evening trainings, exploring key relationship skills (including NVC).   Info here

We use a Telegram group to notify the local network (and anyone who wants to come and join it) about trainings and retreats we will offer around here, or occasionally longer events that we can travel to.

We'd love you to join the group. Check it out here

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