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Tradução em Português disponível: mediante solicitação.

Se para si for difícil de entender este texto em inglês, por favor nos informe

Training Content

Each training day is standalone and independent of the others, so there are almost no overlaps or succession of content. At the same time, the natural accumulation of related skills means attending more days brings even more benefit.


No previous experience required. 

We bring the most essential principles and practices together, making it accessible and useful for everyone. The life skills we’ve always needed, but never received.


We believe Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to be the most useful for the purposes of this program, and so forms a large portion of its focus. At the same time, we are aware that to be a successful creator of a more fulfilled life, we need various tools. So we include several others, to a greater or lesser extent: 

  • Sociocracy (Dynamic Governance) and Convergent Facilitation

  • Somatics and Internal Family Systems (IFS) 

  • Authentic Relating and The Wheel of Consent 

  • The Work of Byron Katie and Brene Brown 

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • Family Constellations 

  • Restorative Circles and Systems Building

We balance teaching, practicing and facilitating individual and group processes, games, role plays, exercises, meditations and body/gesture based activities.

So, expect insights and heart opening; lots of fun and laughter; maybe tears and surfaced fears;  building new friendships, community and supportive network.  And all within a sweet, safe and cosy group field, so we feel held and cared for along our transformative journey.


Venue Location

Ritmo da Terra is 7 minutes drive from Aljezur, direction Marmelete / Monchique.

The right turn from the main road is signposted.


Map apps like google can guide you to “Ritmo da Terra” - right into the car park.


If that doesn’t work for you, you contact one of our team. We will confirm exactly who before each training day.


Timing & Food 

Arrival from 10:00 for meet and greet.

We will begin when all are present, otherwise no later than 10:15. 

And finish sometime between 17:15 and 17:45.


We will take at least 1 hour break for Lunch, around 13:30, with 2 shorter breaks morning and afternoon.

Teas, snacks and kitchen facilities available (fridge, cooker etc). We invite you to bring some snacks to share at breaks.


For lunch, you can bring your own​ or take a 5 minute drive to Aljezur for cafes, shops and restaurants.


Age Range

The trainings are intended for adults.  Children tend not to enjoy them much. In the past, there have been exceptions. Based on this:

> Teenagers are welcome when accompanied by an adult guardian.

> Younger children and babies are welcome if the parents are responsible for the childcare.

They may be in the training space, as long as parent is willing to take them outside if anyone in the group becomes distracted



If you are travelling a long way to get here, we will try to support you.


There might be space to stay at Ritmo da Terra.

Much more likely if you have your own vehicle to sleep in.

You can check by emailing


There are many sleeping options in Aljezur (e.g. AirBnB, Hostel world) and we can organise ridesharing from there.


Alternatively, you may post on our events chat to inquire whether another person attending the event has accommodation available locally. 

Financial Contribution

We truly want to make these trainings available to everyone who would benefit, regardless of income. 


We balance this with the need to sustain ourselves financially and to take care of the amount of resource (including time and attention) our team invests in supporting individuals.


So, these payment options invite the wider network to share the responsibility in giving access to those with less financial abundance.


We offer three prices (per day of training) to choose from depending on your available finances and enthusiasm for this intention:

    > Supported 55€ 

    > Standard 75€

    > Supporter 95€

If you can afford and choose to pay at the 'Supporter' price, it allows us to welcome more people to attend while contributing less.

Supplementary Practice & Support Options

We’d love you to join the smaller group of us who will continue to work and play together in between the training weekends with various additional activities (outlined below). Thus more time for mutual support and to integrate and apply what we’ve learnt. We will go on a journey of deepening our understanding and connections with each other, aiming to build a supportive network.


If you register for 4 or more training days, you are invited to participate in as much of these as you like.


For the price of 7 days, you can join the full 2 month program: access to all 8 training days and these supplementary options.


> In person group coaching with Donal 

A 2 hour session in between and after each training weekend to help embed and extend your learning. Those joining will decide together the best time and location.


> Local practice groups

Support to set up and sustain self- led groups where and whenever you like. These are to practice both the content of the trainings as well as the hands-on facilitation and organisation of the group itself -  live learning laboratories.


> Empathy buddy sessions and support network

Help to establish and sustain an online and in-person network to reach out to anytime you need support, as well as regular empathy sessions with at least one other participant. These are to practice and receive the benefits of empathic listening. They can be in person or online and for as long and as often as you like.


> One-on-one coaching / consultation with Donal at reduced rate

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