This training will show you how to set up a Restorative system in your community (which could be a family, workplace, intimate relationship…) and how to facilitate a Restorative Circle process. These aim to restore peace, harmony, and goodwill and to support transformation and learning following a conflict. 

Restorative Circles (a process developed by Dominic Barter in Brazil) bring together the three parties to a conflict – those who have acted, those directly impacted and the wider community – to dialogue as equals. They have 3 stages: identifying the key factors in the conflict, reaching agreements on next steps, and evaluating the results. They invite shared power, mutual understanding, effective action and self-responsibility.

“...a last minute organization taking the advantage of the presence of the Nonviolent Communication Trainer Donal Gannon. I advertise only "products" that I test on my skin and his work is an amazing tool to transform conflicts in a productive learning experience”

- Loredana B., Cento e Oito Community, Portugal-

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