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There are many ways to work with me: 


By attending any of the in-person events I offer, (eg those listed here)



Which could be:

~ On your own  (eg coaching, mentoring)


~ With someone else  (eg mediation, couples counselling)

~ As part of a group of some kind  (eg organisational consultation, community/ team building)

This page is about the latter: working with me privately 

I offer a variety of services (listed below) to support individuals, couples, families, communities, businesses and organizations in moving toward where they want to be.


Most often my support is founded upon developing communication skills to encourage connection rather than separation; thus cultivating compassion and peaceful sustainability.


I try to meet in person when possible, otherwise by internet video call or on phone.

If you would like to know more about any of them or to make an appointment, please contact me.

For more info about any of the modalities, click the bold red text for a description

  • Coaching,  Consulting & Mentoring for individuals, couples, groups

  • Public training in your locality​

  • Team building workshops

  • Support for developing and leading workshops, trainings, retreats - with a variety of options including Open Space Technology

  • Co-creating a Dynamic Governance (shared leadership & decision making) structure using Sociocracy

  • Coaching, consulting, mentoring and mediation can include support in negotiating consent and boundaries, with or without physical touch, using The Wheel of Consent

I can tailor-make programs or trainings to fit the unique needs of you or your group (eg the Group Resilience Package).


So, if you have an idea that is not on this list, or for any other questions, please contact me.


Previous Client:


“I feel thankful and even blessed that Donal showed up in the community where I live to throw NVC and Restorative Circles as an anchor for all of us. I admire his professionalism and his commitment to be in service for human transformation as a mission driven by his heart.


I realized how much he’s been successful in working on himself reaching the point of being able to hold a space to facilitate processes for others and transmit the knowledge for others to heal themselves by themselves and with the support of the community.


I take Donal as an example of somebody who is manifesting with his own life and path the change we all want to see in this world. He is a good inspiration for me to use NVC tools in a daily life as well as considering a new perspective of conflict as an opportunity to grow and develop as a better human being."

- Loredana B., Cento e Oito Community, Portugal -


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