~ A Foundation Training in Dynamic Governance & Consent Decision Making ~

Are you tired of power games in your groups (organization, community, family..) ?

Do you have hope that collaboration in these could bring out the best in people?

Do you think groups could be places of synergy, collaboration, growth, and deep and authentic connection? 

Sociocracy, also called dynamic governance, can help.

It is a system of governance which seeks to create psychologically safe environments and productive groups. 

It is based on three key pillars: decision making by elected consent, circles with double-links, and continuous and collaborative feedback.

In this training we will learn and practice each of these pillars, as well as how to facilitate meetings in a connecting and efficient way, how sociocratic organisations are set up and all the other tools you'll need to get your dynamic governance journey started.


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These two days spent with Donal and the group were life affirming, enjoyable and enlightening.


Donal is an expert facilitator who covers a lot of material in a very short time, but through a variety of methods manages to keep the group engaged throughout. I learnt a lot about my modes of engagement/communication both with myself and others and look forward to being more mindful and effective as a communicator as a result.

Donal manages to deliver intensive material in an understandable and embodied manner. 


I learned so much about modes of communication (both internal and with others) that I feel will be of value moving forward. Highly recommend the trainings if you have any interest in how you interact with yourself and others.

- Anne Scallan -

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