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This training takes a small step toward the big questions:

   ~ How to make life more wonderful? 

   ~ How to create the world we wish to live in?


And the answer?...  to ASK…to get skilled in making requests. We use the principles and practices of  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to master  the art of asking for what we want, and saying 'No' to what we don’t.

To do this we need the clarity to know what we actually want; we need the courage to be vulnerable and honest enough to express that, and at the same time, holding the needs of the other(s) with as much care as our own. 

Wow, doesn’t sound so easy, and to be honest it’s not. This is, for most of us, the part of NVC which we find most difficult to practice. So we need to practice, and practice and practice.

So let's have some fun doing that, then when it comes to the delicate moments in our lives, when we need to be vulnerable and make a request or say 'No', we will have the experience and skill to do so with clarity, courage and care!


We’ll explore shifting from demands to requests, how this is a cultural game changer, and how to evolve in a healthy way by increasing our ability to both hear AND say 'No'.

We’ll include an internal exploration into our conditioned stories and challenges with 'No', and plenty of insights and practice to transform these, including making courageous requests, denying them, guessing the 'Yes' behind the 'No', and a soft version of community supported shadow work.

We’ll practice increasing our creativity in generating requests for various needs, transparent expression and weaving life-connected dialogue using connection requests.


Prior attendance of ‘Communicate to Connect’ is supportive but not necessary.  

Previous Participants:


"Donal is the most dynamic and dedicated facilitator I have ever been with.

I highly recommend this practical and transformative experience."

- Goiatz A -

"If you are in search of ways to find a deeper authentic connection with yourself and others. I'd highly recommend Donal Gannon and these trainings. It's a chance to meet amazing new people and get to grips with a healthier way of communicating boundaries, which is a constant problem in life.


I know personally that learning to say no is one of the hardest things to do, so it's useful to have tools that help with the inner strife when we are called upon to do this. It's very empowering" 

- Thomas Barry Hopkins -
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