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There are many ways to learn principles and skills,  and some which give you the chance to practice them and apply them in your life.

There are plenty of events to have beautiful, meaningful and insightful experiences.

There are few opportunities to deeply heal, transform your patterns and shift your consciousness...

and even fewer in ways that actually last.

In the events I offer, I do my best to make sure everyone gets a full dose of all of these.

I offer various kinds of events  to accommodate our different learning styles, living situations and access to resources.

Some focus on specific disciplines, like Nonviolent Communication (NVC), The Wheel of Consent or Sociocracy,

others integrate several teachings.

You are so welcome to join us for any of these trainings, whether you are completely new to this work or a seasoned professional.


If previous experience is required or supportive, it is noted. 

What makes Donal's trainings special?


  • Clear guidelines and group agreements for building maximum trust, safety and support, including confidentiality, self-care, freedom of emotional expression, etc.

  • Intentions clarified from the outset

  • Participants are invited to apply learning to real life situations so that it is practical, meaningful and relevant

  • Interactive and participatory

  • A balance of learning principles and doing activities that help participants experience and apply the information

  • Accommodate different learning styles

  • Emphasis on connecting more deeply with ourselves, other individuals and the group as whole

  • Infused with laughter, magic and playfulness

  • A variety of full group, small group, pair, and individual activities and processes

  • Short games and movement to keep energy up and to help integrate the learning

  • Efficient use of group time to maximize learning

  • Minimal jargon i.e. language that might be confusing or alienating for those not familiar with certain teachings like NVC.

  • Little likelihood of people developing any sense of “Doing it wrong” or “Trying to do it right.”

What people are saying about Donal's trainings


“Simply one of the best weekends I've had”

- L. S -


“I have found an amazing amount of peace and healing”

- A. L -


“Donal’s facilitation was top class, he exhibits mastery over the material, really displaying an authenticity that i found helped me to access the material”

- David Patterson -


"it was such a wonderful experience and I am leaving with great ideas. My creativity and communication skills have been enhanced. I enjoyed it all"

- K. F - 


“I can’t wait to use the skills I learnt this weekend at my naturopathy clinic. Not only was this weekend entirely beneficial from a professional sense, it took me on an amazing personal journey of self-expression, love and connection with others”

- J. H - 


“So much fun to participate in this weekend!


Transferable and valuable leadership skills gained!


I learn so much from these weekends about myself and my capabilities, my confidence in myself increases each time I attend, and all achieved with so much fun and lightness.


I always leave these weekends feeling vital, vibrant, zestful, full of enthusiasm for life, valued and more deeply connected to myself, the other participants and life in general. I look forward to the next phase of life with delight and expectancy!”

- Suriya Aukes -


Can't find what you are looking for in the scheduled events ?

If you'd like something else, then I am happy to offer any of the trainings shown below, either publicly in your area or privately for your group....

... IF you are willing to host it, or arrange for someone who will.

Got what it takes?.....



Click on any of the images below 

to find out about the training

self empathy dance floor
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