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Using Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and the Wheel of Consent, we journey together in an experiential and interactive exploration of the interpersonal dynamics of making requests, choice, boundaries, giving and receiving. Option to practice using consensual touch

~ How to effectively ask for what you want and say NO to what you don't
~ Why it’s so hard to ask
~ What stops us saying NO
~ Why it’s so hard to hear a NO
~ How to negotiate what you do and don’t want
~ Clearly defining and differentiating giving, receiving, serving, accepting, taking and allowing
~ For anyone who wishes ~ the practice of consensual touch: How would you truly like to touch another? And how would you truly like to be touched by another?


Prior attendance of ‘Communicate to Connect’ and/or ‘Empathy magic - The Art of Effective Listening’ is supportive but not necessary.  

Donal Gannon is one of the best teachers I know. His NVC workshops take you beyond techniques and deep into human connection, empathy, and living more beautifully. There's always lots of laughter, wonderful people and a real life-enhancing magic at them.

Anyone who wants better relationships, more freedom to give and receive what you truly want, great boundaries, ease in love and connection, and skills to shift conflict into healing and closeness, I highly suggest going to this! Donal is an amazing teacher, really coming from the heart and bringing huge experience, and he lives what he teaches too. The weekend is also a great chance to spend time in connection, sharing and laughter with wonderful folks".

 - David Rock - 

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