Do you want to live fully with authenticity and compassion ? 

Do you want to embody the spirituality of Nonviolent Communication ? 

Do you want to deepen your practice of Nonviolent Communication by embracing the beauty of your needs ? 

Prepare yourself for a journey into the living energy of the needs that are the expression of the life force that wants to flow through us.

We are going to explore:

• Transform the pain of unmet needs into the beauty of needs

• Fully experience compassion toward oneself

• Cultivate the quality of presence and acceptance to what is alive in each moment

• Transforming limiting beliefs 

• Preparation for authentic dialogue

“This training has been a real empowerment tool for me. I am so grateful for Donal bringing NVC into my life this weekend. I have a new tool kit that empowers me to meet myself and my own needs while meeting the other in a heart centred way”

- S. T -

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