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What people are saying about Donal and his trainings

“Simply one of the best weekends I've had”

- Logan S. -

"You brought NVC to me and it was nothing short of saving my life" 

- Yaga Sendur - 


“Donal’s facilitation was top class, he exhibits mastery over the material, really displaying an authenticity that I found helped me to access the material”

- David Patterson -

“So much fun to participate in this weekend!

Transferable and valuable leadership skills gained! I learn so much from these weekends about myself and my capabilities, my confidence in myself increases each time I attend, and all achieved with so much fun and lightness.


I always leave these weekends feeling vital, vibrant, zestful, full of enthusiasm for life, valued and more deeply connected to myself, the other participants and life in general. I look forward to the next phase of life with delight and expectancy!”

- Suriya Aukes -

"Donal is the most dynamic & dedicated facilitator I have ever been with"

- Goiatz A. -

"I don't think anyone else could hold things with that much love and clarity"

- Anon -


"The ripples from your work will certainly be felt and are much needed in our world today"

- David Nevyn - 

"Donal is one of the best teachers I know, really coming from the heart and bringing huge experience, and he lives what he teaches too.


His NVC trainings take you beyond techniques and deep into human connection, empathy, and living more beautifully. There's always lots of laughter, wonderful people and a real life-enhancing magic at them

Anyone who wants better relationships, more freedom to give and receive what you truly want, great boundaries, ease in love and connection, and skills to shift conflict into healing and closeness, I highly suggest going to this! "

 - David Rock - 

"I felt like getting perfectly sized bites of information mixed with playfulness and a sense of connection with everyone else attending. It really was a lot of fun!"

- Isa latour-

“I have found an amazing amount of peace and healing”

- A. L. -

"It was a beautiful weekend, profound and playful and nourishing"

- C. F. -

"it was such a wonderful experience and I am leaving with great ideas. My creativity and communication skills have been enhanced. I enjoyed it all"

- K. F. - 


“I can’t wait to use the skills I learnt this weekend at my naturopathy clinic. Not only was this weekend entirely beneficial from a professional sense, it took me on an amazing personal journey of self-expression, love and connection with others”

- J. H. - 

Thank you Donal for bringing these tools, especially the element of reflection - mutual comprehension - which makes sure that words aren't twisted and opposed outside of the way they were intended to, but instead really heard and understood.

Thank you for holding space and facilitating so beautifully" 
- Viodor - 

"I strongly recommend this training to anyone who wants to cultivate their capacity for meaningful connection (both with oneself and others).

Donal is an exceptional teacher, facilitator and space holder.


I found the material and techniques very accessible and his creative, practical approach enabled me to embody the principles in a profoundly transformative way.

Feeling very grateful and nourished by the level of heart felt connection I experienced"
- Laurel Flynn - 

"A big thank you for the quality of your teachings. I can feel your generosity in sharing, and it clearly comes from a place of true love and authenticity.


Congratulations for your transmission skills, it's a good mix between theory, embodiment, and fun. Also appreciated the way you've been handling the group dynamic… thanks for the tool box I now have"

- Nathalie Gualdaroni - 

"If you're looking to further deepen the way you relate to others (and to yourself), bringing in empathy and effective communication skills, I'd strongly encourage you to attend this.

I have attended Donal's workshops before and always felt deeply nourished by all the learning and the community spirit within the group" 

- Oana Ní o'Mara - 

These two days spent with Donal and the group were life affirming, enjoyable and enlightening.


Donal is an expert facilitator who covers a lot of material in a very short time, but through a variety of methods manages to keep the group engaged throughout. I learnt a lot about my modes of engagement/communication both with myself and others and look forward to being more mindful and effective as a communicator as a result.

Donal manages to deliver intensive material in an understandable and embodied manner. 


I learned so much about modes of communication (both internal and with others) that I feel will be of value moving forward. Highly recommend the trainings if you have any interest in how you interact with yourself and others.

- Anne Scallan -

“Donal's simple clear facilitation, where he was comfortable, connected and tuned in to himself, as well as us contributed hugely to my experience. His very obvious experience in living what he teaches was the other great contributor”,

- L. M. -

“Incredibly helpful. Completely changed my perspective on my own communication”

- S. H. -

“I am very glad to have taken part and have learned very do-able and accessible skills”

- W. B. -

"I have never felt more at home anywhere in my life. I enjoyed the deep connection I managed to obtain with people"

- Anon -

“This training has been a real empowerment tool for me. I am so grateful for Donal bringing NVC into my life this weekend. I have a new tool kit that empowers me to meet myself and my own needs while meeting the other in a heart centred way”

- S. T. -

"The best few days of the year so far. It was just amazing getting in touch with new ways of understanding myself and others"

- Jens Ludwig -

"Thank you so much for your time and patience this weekend. I had a wonderful and most interesting time and I found it to be one of the most, if not the most, therapeutic experiences of my life"

- Camarão Duffy- 

"I'm feeling deeply touched by these 'new' options to receive and connect with what is alive in the other person, and wish I had already had these skills years ago.


When you used the very situations that had presented themselves to demonstrate ways of handling such moments the NVC way, I felt inspired and more motivated to learn about a process that would possibly enable me, too, to behave differently in situations when my need to express myself with integrity and authenticity is being challenged."

- Silvio -

"I want to tell you how much it is still spreading in my life and how valuable your teaching is.

I also get that NVC is a training throughout all of our lives…. And how incredible it is to me that you managed to share so much in such a little amount of time"

- Leina - 

"If you are in search of ways to find a deeper authentic connection with yourself and others. I'd highly recommend Donal Gannon and these trainings. It's a chance to meet amazing new people and get to grips with a healthier way of communicating boundaries, which is a constant problem in life.


I know personally that learning to say no is one of the hardest things to do, so it's useful to have tools that help with the inner strife when we are called upon to do this. It's very empowering" 

- Thomas Barry Hopkins -

"I took a lot from these workshops and I was particularly impressed with the meta level of group dynamics that you brought to the table (eg. analyzing group dynamics while these are happening within the group) and how you gave space for group dynamics to unfold so we could all learn from it" 

- Gustavo Vidal - 

"Donal was a shining gift bringing empathy and understanding to our hearts.

His work was with an emphasis on empowering us as a community to learn the skills to resolve issues among ourselves- great- that he not only provides us with fish but also teaches how to fish.

In community, to have support from the outside can be amazing and transformative

- Nicola Watling -

"Donal was ALWAYS full of ease, clarity, flow… It was very easy to have mutual understanding with him"

- R. K. -


“Really helpful to see the NVC way modelled so well by Donal – clear, empathically attuned & a gentle & encouraging way of delivering the info”

 - Maeve O'Connor -


“You have really been a Milestone in my Journey to selflove!  Your insights in NVC have really changed my way of relating to others and myself & the love and compassion you showed me touched & transformed me deeply!”

- Magda Arupananda. -

"I attended a 2 day foundation training with Donal and couldn’t recommend him more! Compassionate and wise facilitator who obviously not only teaches but lives NVC and conveys it beautifully!" 

- Ida Blazek -

"I did Communicate to Connect training last year with Donal and found it really beneficial and enjoyable.

For me, it was practicing expressing myself with assertiveness and compassion, exploring my own needs, feelings and reactions in certain scenarios which I find difficult (whether in social, personal or professional relationships, or even activism or community work).

I learned to recognise when and how to say no/yes or ask for what I need.

Donal is a wonderful facilitator, he puts you so at ease and has great lived and learned knowledge of the subjects, he makes it such a fun interactive learning experience and manages the energy and time really well.

Always such lovely people too.:)

I highly recommend this to anyone who cares about communicating with their fellow humans, loved ones and themselves in a more positive way"

- Duana Tuite Nunn -

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