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Communication Matters!

Ever notice something missing in your relationships? 
… Like a certain quality or depth of understanding and connection?
... Could this be blocked by judgments, blame, reactivity or misdirected anger?
… Or the challenge of expressing needs, desires and limits?
... Or the fear of rejection, or resentful compromise, or even conflict?

Are you able to hold with care your own needs and those of others at the same time? 
… Or struggling to prioritise your own well-being in relationships? 
… Or making decisions or resolving conflicts effectively and gracefully?

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, shame, guilt, fear or other difficult emotions?

... Or not able to connect with your emotions at all?

The challenges go on and on. And resolving them is not an easy journey.

What if we had tools, practices and people by our sides to help us along?
… and the support to break free from these harmful patterns?

I do my best to offer this in 2 independent full day trainings: 

We learn the core principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication, helping us to: 
~ Self-connect
~ Express ourselves clearly and honestly
~ Hear others empathically
~ And to apply this to many areas of our lives, like making decisions and resolving conflicts effectively, transforming our patterns of thinking and emotions, increasing creativity, sharing power, and so much more.

During the days, we journey together in an experiential and interactive exploration of how we communicate, using individual and group processes, games, exercises and meditations to integrate the teachings.

Tour Schedule

These 2 particular interactive training days are so fundamental for healthy relating, and have been so well received during the last 10 years, that we decided to bring them on tour.

This time, through the Algarve and Andalucía.

NVC Fundamentals to Cultivate

Connection with Yourself & Others


The Art of Effective & Compassionate Listening



25 & 26 May: Aljezur

Ritmo da Terra

West Algarve  [En, Pt]

1 & 2 June: Órgiva

La Catitera, Torvizcon

South of Granada  [En, Es]

8 & 9 June: Tavira

Escola do Malhão

East Algarve  [En, Pt]

Join as many days as you like

(either day, a full weekend... the whole tour!)

All: 10.00 - 17.30

30€ per day (deposit) plus donation




Check out the descriptions of each training day

by clicking the images below


Lead trainer Donal Gannon,

certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), brings over 20 years experience facilitating groups.

Assistance from Anita Correia, along with local hosts and supporters.

Previous Participant:

"These two days spent with Donal and the group were life affirming, enjoyable and enlightening.


Donal is an expert facilitator who covers a lot of material in a very short time, but through a variety of methods manages to keep the group engaged throughout. I learnt a lot about my modes of engagement/communication both with myself and others and look forward to being more mindful and effective as a communicator as a result.

Donal manages to deliver intensive material in an understandable and embodied manner. 


I learned so much about modes of communication (both internal and with others) that I feel will be of value moving forward. Highly recommend the trainings if you have any interest in how you interact with yourself and others."

- Anne Scallan -


25 & 26 May: Aljezur

Ritmo da Terra,

7 minutes East of Aljezur,

West Algarve

Accommodation available


1 & 2 June: Órgiva

La Catitera, Torvizcon,

20 mins from Órgiva,

South of Granada, Andalucía

Accommodation and meals available

contact Susanna on +34 642 005 033

8 & 9 June: Tavira

Escola do Malhão,

Santo Estevão,

10 minutes West of Tavira,

East Algarve

Escola, Tavira.jpg

Training Content


Each training is standalone and independent of the other, so there are no overlaps or succession of content. At the same time, the natural accumulation of related skills means attending more trainings brings even more benefit.


No previous training experience required. 

We bring the most essential principles and practices together, making it accessible and useful for everyone. The life skills we’ve always needed, but never received.

We balance teaching, practicing and facilitating individual and group processes, games, role plays, exercises, meditations and body/gesture based activities.

We learn and practice together, so we can support each other to apply it in our lives and share with others.

So, expect insights and heart opening; lots of fun and laughter; maybe tears and surfaced fears; building new friendships, community and supportive network.  And all within a sweet, safe and cosy group field, so we feel held and cared for along our transformative journey.

Find out more about each day, at the following links: 



And answers to commonly asked questions here

Financial Contribution

30€ per day (deposit) plus donation

We want to make these trainings both accessible and sustainable, i.e. available to everyone who would benefit, regardless of income, and, at the same time, minimise risk of loss and try to sustain ourselves financially.

So, for these trainings, we request payment in 2 parts: 

- 1st: To secure your place and make sure we cover costs: 

Deposit of 30€ per day of training.

- 2nd: To contribute for the teaching / facilitation:

A voluntary donation - which you can pay cash on the day or transfer online anytime before or during the event.

If you don't want to choose the amount, let us know. We can help you decide.


This approach to exchange is explained more fully, along with answers to other commonly asked questions, here

Stay Connected in South Portugal

We use a Telegram group to notify the local network (and anyone who wants to come and join it) about trainings and retreats we will offer around here, or occasionally longer events that we can travel to.

We'd love you to join the group. Check it out here

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