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Which trainings can I join?


You are so welcome to join us for any of the trainings, whether you are completely new to this work or a seasoned professional.

If previous experience is required or supportive, it is noted. 

Does it help to do them in any particular order?

For example:  without having completed a foundational training like  ‘Communicate to Connect’, can I attend the other ones, like  ‘Empathy Magic’?

Yes, you are welcome to join. At the same time, prior attendance to a ‘Communicate to Connect’ training is helpful.

This is primarily for 2 reasons:

-  ‘Empathy Magic’  builds on the foundational skills learnt in the ‘Communicate to Connect’ training. Many of these are not covered in other NVC trainings or in Marshall Rosenberg's books or recordings.


- Having previously participated in a ‘Communicate to Connect’ means we have already journeyed together in this way. This gives us a head start on building a sense of community, deeper connection, trust and emotional safety when we embark on the deeper trainings.

Photos or video allowed?


A delicate topic and a good opportunity to practice consent.


We ask participants not to take photos or videos of anyone else without asking them first.

Occasionally Donal will want to have photos to be used online.

If so, he will ask everyone participating before having any taken

If anyone doesn't want to be included in these, they can tell the photographer, who will either avoid capturing them or will remove them from any pictures taken.


If this is not satisfactory, any participant can request to transfer to a different training or receive a full refund.

Typical schedule for full days

Arrival from 9:45 for meet and greet.

We will begin when all are present, otherwise no later than 10:15. 

And finish sometime between 17:15 and 17:45.


We will take at least 1 hour break for Lunch, around 13:30, with 2 shorter breaks morning and afternoon.

Teas, snacks and kitchen facilities available (fridge, cooker etc). We invite you to bring some snacks to share at breaks.


For lunch, you can bring your own​ or take a walk or drive to local cafes, shops and restaurants.

Age range

The trainings are intended for adults.  Children tend not to enjoy them much. In the past, there have been exceptions. Based on this:

- Teenagers are welcome when accompanied by an adult guardian.

- Younger children and babies are welcome if the parents are responsible for the childcare.

They may be in the training space, as long as someone is willing to take them outside if anyone in the group becomes distracted.


I offer the trainings with support from an evolving team of collaborators (some of whom are introduced in the training pages), which is why you'll often read 'we' and 'us'.

How to pay

Preferably Paypal to

If that's not possible, let us know and we'll find another way.

Financial contribution

We truly want to make these trainings available to everyone who would benefit, regardless of income. 


We balance this with the need to sustain ourselves financially and to take care of the amount of resource (including time and attention) our team invests in supporting individuals.


So, these payment options invite the wider network to share the responsibility in giving access to those with less financial abundance.


In South Europe:

We offer three prices per day of training, to choose from depending on your available finances and enthusiasm for this intention:

  • Supported 60€ 

  • Standard 75€

  • Supporter 95€

We offer three prices per evening of training, to choose from depending on your available finances and enthusiasm for this intention:

  • Supported 25€ 

  • Standard 30€

  • Supporter 35€

If you can afford and choose to pay at the 'Supporter' price, it allows us to welcome more people to attend while contributing less.

We do our best to practice what we preach in all aspects of this work, so, true to NVC, these are requests and not demands, thus we are open to dialogue. So, If you can’t afford to pay within the range, please contact us and we will try to work something out.



Usually people with "Low" available expenditure, e.g. if one or more of these: * unemployed * student * supporting a large family.


Usually people with "Low to Moderate" available expenditure, e.g. if one or more of these: * part time job * minimum-waged * combination of above and below.


Usually people with "Comfortable to High" available expenditure, e.g. if one or more of these: * full time job * able to afford luxuries like eating out regularly or taking a foreign holiday each year.

Donation based trainings

Occasionally events are offered by voluntary donation. Here is how it works:

At or near the end of the event you are invited to contribute as much as YOU like.

In reality, you are welcome to any time (before, during or after).


- So that these precious teachings are available to all, regardless of income. It meets needs for choice, inclusion, community, diversity… etc. 

- Those who can afford to and choose to contribute more support us to include those who can’t

- Ultimately, we wish to move towards a gift economy, in which the giving is separate from the receiving.

A step toward that is what some call a “semi-gift economy”, which is what we offer at these trainings - some contribution is expected; the amount is decided by the participant rather than the trainer.


- We suggest that you contribute at the end of the training, so you can experience it before you decide how much it is worth to you. 

- Balance what you received (what it’s worth to you) with what you are comfortably able to give.

- If in doubt, feel free to contact us. We are happy to engage with you to help you decide.


If you are travelling a long way to get to the event, we will try to support you.

There are usually sleeping options around (e.g. AirBnB, Hostel world) and we can organise ridesharing from there.


Alternatively, you may post on our events group to inquire whether another person attending the event has accommodation available locally. 

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