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Nonviolent Communication (NVC)


Also known as Compassionate Communication, NVC  is both a collection of principles that support the development of a consciousness based on universal human values and needs, as well as a practical, learnable process that helps people connect more deeply with themselves and others.

NVC helps connect us with what is alive in ourselves and in others moment-to-moment, with what we or others could do to make life more wonderful, and with an awareness of what gets in the way of natural giving and receiving. 

And, more than just a way of communicating, NVC is a path which can transform the quality of all our relationships (family, friends, colleagues…), as well as so many areas of our lives. These include making decisions & resolving conflicts effectively, transforming our patterns of thinking & emotions, increasing creativity, sharing power, and so much more.

In this training, we learn the core principles and practices of this approach: to bring together honesty and kindness; compassion and accountability; individuality and connection… to be assertive and negotiable at the same time. 

We journey together in an experiential exploration of NVC, using individual and group processes, games, exercises, role-plays and meditations to integrate the teachings.

You Can Gain:

- A fresh perspective on communication: Understand how language shapes our consciousness and creates our world.

- Re-conditioning: Uncover the language we've been conditioned to use, how it disconnects us and how we can translate it into language that encourages connection.

- Internal clarity: Learn to identify, name, and connect with your emotions, values and longings in a healthy way.

- Practical tools to immediately apply to your life:  Bring more clarity, honesty and empathy to your interactions, so you can deal with conflict, difficult conversations and decisions with more fluidity, confidence and trust.

- Steps toward peace: Develop your ability to transform your own and others judgement, blame and criticism into understanding, compassion and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

- Strengthened relationships: Build trust and deep friendship through the practice of transparency and vulnerability

- Personal empowerment: Cultivate a sense of personal agency and empowerment in expressing your needs and requests.

We Explore:

- Why we communicate?: Understand the interconnectedness of communication, understanding and connection to help meet more needs for more people.

- The roadblocks and detours of effective communication: Recognizing and transforming obstacles to connection like criticism, blame, guilt-tripping, and coercion.


- NVC from all angles: Exploring the multifaceted dimensions of NVC through diverse perspectives, varied approaches, practical applications, and underlying intentions.


- The power of observation: Establishing clarity and common ground by making non-evaluative observations.

- What’s really alive in you: Distinguishing our universal feelings and needs from thoughts, interpretations, and strategies. 

- Effectively asking for what you want: Insights and practices to make life more wonderful, through making clear and doable requests

- Self-connection: Various approaches, in particular ‘self-empathy’, and how we can dance it!

- The consciousness of NVC: Behind the language of NVC, we introduce the consciousness on which it’s founded: the interdependence of human beings, the joy of natural giving, and the shift from 'power over' to 'power with.'

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Previous Participants:


"The best few days of the year so far. It was just amazing getting in touch with new ways of understanding myself and others"

- Jens Ludwig -


"I did Communicate to Connect training last year with Donal and found it really beneficial and enjoyable.

For me, it was practicing expressing myself with assertiveness and compassion, exploring my own needs, feelings and reactions in certain scenarios which I find difficult (whether in social, personal or professional relationships, or even activism or community work).

I learned to recognise when and how to say no/yes or ask for what I need.

Donal is a wonderful facilitator, he puts you so at ease and has great lived and learned knowledge of the subjects, he makes it such a fun interactive learning experience and manages the energy and time really well.

Always such lovely people too.:)

I highly recommend this to anyone who cares about communicating with their fellow humans, loved ones and themselves in a more positive way"

- Duana Tuite Nunn -

Join us for a day of interactive learning, self-discovery, and skill-building. This training goes beyond traditional communication methods, offering a holistic approach that addresses the consciousness behind our words.


Whether you're looking to enhance personal relationships, navigate professional challenges, or simply communicate more authentically, this training provides valuable insights and practical tools.


Be prepared for a day of deep exploration, connection, and personal growth.​

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