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Sex Can Be Fun!

It can be connecting, meaningful, transformative, playful, meditative, healing, wild, deeply spiritual…and meet so many needs.

It can also be uninspiring, repetitive, messy, awkward, boring, one-sided, abusive, painful… and completely miss the needs it tries to meet.


It can be confusing what needs we are trying to meet when we connect sexually with others. Could there be easier, healthier or more fun ways to meet the needs we are habituated to meet only through sex?


Why is it so unusual or even difficult to talk about sex? ...and, even more so, during sex? express what we do and don’t like; what is and isn’t working?


Is your sex life being blocked by societal taboos, personal inhibitions, habits, confusions, assumptions or shoulds?

Will you ever have your deeper longings fulfilled? … or do you even know what they are?


In this training, we offer insights and a series of verbal (not physical) exercises to explore these questions (and more)


And all of it is easy to take home with you to share with others and practice together.

You don’t need to currently be in any kind of sexual relationship. All the work is personal to you.


You Can Gain:


- Deeper clarity, connection and understanding: From anatomy and sex language to articulating desires, and limits with confidence.


- Empowerment: Acknowledge and navigate the vulnerability that comes with discussing intimate desires and concerns, creating a space for authenticity.


- Revitalised sex life: Uncover unidentified needs and longings to help discover new strategies to fulfil them.


We Explore:


- 'Fore-fore play': Insights for initiating and engaging in vulnerable and transformative conversations about sex with your lover(s)


- Communicating during sex: Pauses to self-connect; extra care and sensitivity with requests and feedback; open Vs closed questions; dirty talk…


- Uncovering: Spoken and written exercises to surface and question assumptions, judgments, shoulds and beliefs around sex, to cultivate a more conscious approach.

Previous Participants:

“Donal’s facilitation was top class, he exhibits mastery over the material, really displaying an authenticity that I found helped me to access the material”

- David Patterson -

“Incredibly helpful. Completely changed my perspective on my own communication”

- S. H -


“I am very glad to have taken part and have learned very do-able and accessible skills”

- W. B -

"You brought NVC to me and it was nothing short of saving my life" 

- Yaga Sendur -

Join us in this transformative training to deepen connections, break free from limiting beliefs, and cultivate a more fulfilling and liberated sexual experience. 

Let's talk about sex in a way that transforms, empowers, and celebrates the diversity of human intimacy.

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