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Keys to Unlock Pathways to Peace and Power


Would you like to know what ‘NVC’ is REALLY all about?


Or, have you had a bad taste of NVC?...e.g. from someone who hasn’t integrated it, speaking to you mechanically?... Or, being offered ‘fake empathy’? 


Maybe, you are keen to connect with others on the path of personal and relational exploration; to create or deepen friendships and community?


Or, longing to contribute somehow towards a world that works better for everyone?


Then, come along to get to know, up close and personal, this wonderful practice we call ‘NVC’. 


We will see how it is both a collection of principles that support the development of a consciousness based on universal human values and needs, as well as a practical, learnable process that helps us connect more deeply with ourselves and others.


More than just a way of communicating, but a path which can transform the quality of all our relationships (family, friends, colleagues…), as well as so many areas of our lives (how we resolve conflicts, make decisions, transform our patterns of thinking and emotions, increase creativity, share power, and so much more).

In a world where communication often leads to disconnection, we provide a much needed first step along the transformative path of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


NVC helps connect us with what is alive in ourselves and in others moment-to-moment, with what we or others could do to make life more wonderful, and with an awareness of what gets in the way of natural giving and receiving.

In this training, we journey together in an experiential exploration of the key principles and practices of of NVC, using individual and group processes, games, exercises and meditations to integrate the teachings.


You Can Gain:

- Fulfilling relationships: Where everyone’s needs are valued and strategies to meet needs contribute to connection, harmony and effective forward action.

- Self-awareness: Internal inquiry to access your feelings and needs.

- Re-conditioning: Uncover the language we've been conditioned to use, how it disconnects us and how we can translate it into language that encourages connection.

- A fresh perspective on communication: Understand how language shapes our consciousness and creates our world.

- Steps toward peace: Develop your ability to transform your own and others judgement, blame and criticism into understanding, compassion and peaceful resolution.

- Strengthened relationships: Build trust through the practice of transparency and vulnerability.


We Explore:

- Communication challenges: Identifying and transforming common communication pitfalls such as criticism, blame, guilt-tripping, and coercion.

- NVC consciousness: Uncovering what NVC language is built upon: the interconnectedness of humanity, the inherent joy in giving, and the transition from 'power over' to 'power with.'

- A key to NVC: A graphic model that summarises the core aspects of the language and intentions of NVC. 

- Three modes: Connecting with myself, Empathically listening, & Expressing myself.

- Four components: Focus on observable facts, genuine feelings, universal needs, and doable requests as the building blocks of effective communication.

- Presence: The importance of staying in the here and now.

- Self-expression: Voicing and receiving expressions of body sensations, feelings and needs.


Previous Participants:

"You brought NVC to me and it was nothing short of saving my life" 

- Yaga Sendur - 

"If you're looking to further deepen the way you relate to others (and to yourself), bringing in empathy and effective communication skills, I'd strongly encourage you to attend this.

I have attended Donal's workshops before and always felt deeply nourished by all the learning and the community spirit within the group" 

- Oana Ní o'Mara - 


"I want to tell you how much it is still spreading in my life and how valuable your teaching is.

I also get that NVC is a training throughout all of our lives…. And how incredible it is to me that you managed to share so much in such a little amount of time"

- Leina - 

Find out more about Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Join us for this training of insights, practical tools, and transformative experiences…to take this small step toward co-creating a world that works for all.

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