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Push That Button!

Ever wonder why some things cause you to lose your cool?.... to cross the line of sanity and become a crazy person?.... or even to erupt?

How do you respond when people close to you react in such ways, or express themselves with intensity?


Why do certain things seem to push the wrong buttons?

What is it about those particular actions, situations or people?... Why do we react so strongly?...and how can we transform these patterns of reactivity?


Many questions. And many answers. 

In this training, we may not answer them all fully, but we will explore them from different directions. We start mentally and emotionally then focus on a visceral approach: tapping into the wisdom of our bodies, we find the answers AND the path to transformation there.


You Can Gain:

- Transformation: Deep internal shifts in relation to how we react to a stimulus (trigger).

- Emotional healing: New pathways to digest intense emotions, like anger, shame, envy & jealousy.

- Composure: Develop relaxed presence with intense expressions from others.

- Increased capacity: Opening to pain and joy equally.

- Practical support: Processes to transform your own and others’ reactive patterns. We learn and practice together, so we can then apply them in our lives.


We Explore:

- Our patterns of reactivity: Using various activities and inquiries inspired by the work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Somatics, Family constellations and Neuroscience.

- Positive reconditioning: Deep internal shifts to find new responses to difficult situations, thereby expanding the possibility of interacting with such challenging situations in future.

- Transformative stretching: Navigating the zones of comfort, panic and strategic discomfort, where we embrace challenge and grow.

- Interpersonal neurobiology: The mechanics of our limbic system (fight / flight / freeze / fawn).

- Self- and co-regulation: How to sooth and down-regulate yourself and others.

Previous Participants:

“Donal's simple clear facilitation, where he was comfortable, connected and tuned in to himself, as well as us contributed hugely to my experience. His very obvious experience in living what he teaches was the other great contributor”

- L. M -

"The ripples from your work will certainly be felt and are much needed in our world today"

- David Nevyn - 


"It was a beautiful event, profound and playful and nourishing"

- C. F.-​

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