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Training, Facilitation, Coaching, Mediation, Consultation
Certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)


Supporting you to move toward the life you wish to live,

I create spaces to deeply connect, learn and play:

to go beyond a world of struggling to survive,

into one in which we come alive and thrive.


These are an opportunity for EVERYONE to learn skills, practical tools and insights in how we communicate and so much more: to support connection, healing and transformation in relation to yourself and those around you; to help you shift from conditioned reactions based on fear, separation and powerlessness to conscious responses based on trust, connection and inner power.

You are so welcome to join us for any of the trainings described on the following pages

(if previous experience required or supportive, it is noted). 

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To join an event, please select which one from the drop down menu above and complete the registration form linked.

If you register, we will contact you before the event with reference materials, workbooks, details about venue, directions, timings and other practical information you’ll need. 

If you have any other questions about events

 can contact Marina at

(or fill in the form below)

For other services and information

Contact Donal on 

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