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Cultivating practical and accessible skills to support groups to survive and thrive.


A series of trainings to support groups (which could be a family, community, or any kind of organisation) to find ways to meet eye to eye and heart to heart, to bridge the gap and weather the storm and come out stronger and more connected than before.


Depending on the groups participating, we include elements of the following training programs (Click on titles for description of each):

Communicate to Connect

Empathy Magic - The Art of Effective Listening


Essentials of Group Process, Decision Making and Facilitation

Conflict Transformation

Convergent Facilitation Efficient, Collaborative Decision Making

Sociocracy (Dynamic Governance)

"Donal is one of the best teachers I know, really coming from the heart and bringing huge experience, and he lives what he teaches too.


His NVC workshops take you beyond techniques and deep into human connection, empathy, and living more beautifully. There's always lots of laughter, wonderful people and a real life-enhancing magic at them"

 - David Rock - 

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